White Sail Challenge starts on Wednesday 3rd June

New for 2020

• The Challenge generally follows the well tried format of previous years but has been adapted to comply with government guidelines for staying safe with Covid 19, and to facilitate safe management of the Challenge by “remote control”. Courses have been allocated in advance.

• For remote control safety management reasons, yachts now are to check in when starting and check out when finished or retired.

• A WhatsApp White Sail Group has been set up to report elapsed times and publish results; SMS text
will remain as the fall-back

Message from the Commodore about Covid-19 precautions at CYC

I hope that you and your family are well and weathering this viral storm.

I would like to update you with an important recent development. We now have a COVID-19 Working Party which held its first (virtual) meeting last evening; what follows is our current advice in this early stage of relaxation of 'lockdown'.

Recreational boating, alone or with members of your household is now permitted under Government advice. Please note however that ports and marinas may remain closed.

Please be aware that gathering in groups more than two people not in your household is prohibited.

When considering use of your dinghy, yacht or motorboat please consider whether you have been able to maintain it in a seaworthy state and be extra cautious so as to reduce the likelihood of needing rescue.

We are not yet in a position to continue with Cadet activities.

Our Clubhouse must remain closed because of the risk of virus transmission in confined spaces and the key fob system has been disabled; the outside toilet, however, remains available.

It almost, but not quite, goes without saying that you should not use Club facilities if either you or anyone in your household or any significant contact has symptoms of COVID-19.

Please consider any frequently used surface (such as combination locks) as potentially contaminated. There is a soap dispenser near the outside tap for hand washing and you should also bring your own hand sanitiser.

We need to develop a Covid Etiquette when using Club facilities. Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained. Also, please at all times show a high level of respect and consideration for others; giving them sufficient time and space especially around the Toastracks and Outboard Sheds. When using the Causeway it is permissible to pass by another member but any conversation must be held at a distance of at least two metres.
Use of face coverings, whilst not discouraged, is not required when outdoors in Club grounds.

If we can all keep to these guidelines we will be beyond criticism and in the best position to consider further relaxations when these are permitted under Government regulations.

Wishing you a cautious but nevertheless enjoyable return to activity.

John, Commodore.
14 May 2020

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