With swinging moorings on the beautiful Tamar River, the Club has been making, laying and maintaining moorings for more than 30 years. We own and operate a purpose built steel catamaran for mooring maintenance. All tide access to the moorings is via a causeway with easy access to Plymouth Sound.

The Club leases the "fundus" from the Duchy estates in the area between just North of Weir Point to abeam Liphill Quay. The moorings can be seen on a YouTube video.

Following the 2021 maintenance round, some moorings are available. They are mostly shallow and would not usually suit vessels over 1.6m draft, 10m length overall or 8t displacement.

The Moorings Officer has written a definitive guide to the moorings and their care for the users and owners. We ask that you download the pdf file and ensure that as either a boat owner or renter you comply with the requirements. In particular, any boat owner who intends to leave their vessel on its mooring over the winter should conform with the contents. A pdf file of the Mooring Bye-Laws can be downloaded.

Visitors are welcome for short stays, however, Club membership is required for a longer stay.

Contact the Moorings Officer at


To reduce the risk of damage to our members' yachts, the Club has run a Boatwatch scheme for many years in the hours between sunset to sunrise. The primary aim is to assist the MoD police in deterring theft of and vandalism to members' boats in the Club's mooring area and to report any suspicious activities to the police who will intercept, investigate, apprehend and prosecute. In addition, the Boatwatch participants report any other safety and security problems with the Club site, members boats and dinghies.

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