Identification of Tenders and Outboards

I hope that with the improving weather you will be able to take advantage of the new freedoms recently announced. We are now able to stay overnight on our boats and many harbours are opening normally.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that our Clubhouse Officer and his team have anchored a new chain along the top of the foreshore for securing your tender.

The foreshore has become something of a jumble with many unused tenders which may have made it difficult for you to find a place. We will be undertaking an audit of tenders and I would be most grateful for your help with this exercise.

ALL TENDERS whether on the foreshore or in the Toastracks should be identifiable but in practice very few are. So, my request of you is to clearly mark your tender, rigid or inflatable, toastrack or foreshore, with either your boat name, your surname or your membership number in a place that can easily be seen (on the inside of the transom for the Toastrack and the outside of the transom for the Foreshore).

Please mark your tender by the end of July as from August we will be REMOVING UNIDENTIFIED TENDERS to the field in preparation for disposing of them.

Also, if you keep an OUTBOARD ENGINE in one of the Club Sheds please also mark it in the same way.

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